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A brightening supplement that supports both brightening care and aging care* by using materials rich in enzymes that promote aging care* from within the body, enhancing transparency. This is an advanced** brightening supplement.

* Care according to age

** Compared to our existing products

**Key Ingredients and Amounts per 3 Capsules (1.05g):**

- NutroxSun™: 250mg

- HITHION®: 251mg

**Product Name:**  

Processed food containing yeast extract


90 capsules / 35,640 yen

**Country of Origin:**  

[Country of origin]

ALLPAIR119 Beauty Supplement +

SKU: 4570159310207
  • Yeast extract powder (domestically manufactured), citrus fruit and rosemary leaf extract, white tomato extract powder, plant oil containing vitamin E, pomegranate extract, edible purple chrysanthemum powder, black pepper extract, mangosteen peel extract powder, turmeric extract, melon extract, cherry blossom extract powder, pineapple fruit extract / HPMC, cellulose, processed starch, calcium stearate, vitamin C, sunflower lecithin, cyclic oligosaccharide, microcrystalline cellulose, cystine, coloring (titanium oxide), vitamin A, tomato lycopene, vitamin D (contains wheat).

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