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The SLIMSTYLE™ formula includes black ginger, which helps regulate body circulation and aims for a well-defined body shape. It also contains "yeast peptides," a new material created through a special process from yeast, and inulin. With ALLPAIR's unique "subtraction method" targeting gut health, this product helps you achieve an ideal, well-balanced body. It supports both dieting and body-building for a healthy lifestyle.

**How to Use:**  

Take one sachet daily with water or lukewarm water.

**Product Name:**  

Processed food containing chitosan oligosaccharide


40.8g (1.36g per sachet × 30 sachets)


SKU: 4570159310030
  • Inulin (manufactured in Germany and the Netherlands), starch, yeast extract, reduced maltose syrup, dextrin, chitosan oligosaccharide, white kidney bean extract, ginger extract, gamma-cyclodextrin, mulberry leaf extract, guarana extract, Bifidobacterium longum, apple powder, capsicum oil resin (some contain crab, apple and milk ingredients) (some of which contain crab, apple, and milk ingredients)


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